This fun, easy Crochet Potholders Pattern as fresh fruity wedges will add a splash of color to any kitchen! Create one or a whole fruit bowl of potholders.
Crochet Potholders Pattern samples
Crochet Hook Size: 5.5 mm | I-9
Yarn Weight: 4 – Medium / Worsted
Terminology: US
Language: English

Suggested yarn is available online here:

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This fun, easy Crochet Potholders Pattern as fresh fruity wedges will add a splash of color to any kitchen! Create one or a whole fruit bowl of potholders and give as a bright birthday or bridal shower gift.

The “Lay Flat Circle” crochet pattern is also great for beginners. Essentially, “Lay Flat” means just that. As you are crocheting a circle, be sure the circle will lay flat on a surface. Nevertheless, a lot of beginners have problems with this as their circles tend to either curl up to form a ‘bowl’ (not enough increase stitches) or they tend to ripple and flare (too many stitches).

For this pattern the designer (we’re not sure if it’s part of Kathryn Vercillo’s work or Brad Buchanan’s who bought the Crochet Concupiscence blog from her in 2017) uses a Clover size I & J crochet hook, a darning needle, scissors, heat proof the potholders for safety: Insul Bright or Ironing Board material and an assortment of yarn (4.5 and 7 oz.) and some “unidentifiable” balls of scrap yarn. We have to disagree with just using ANY yarn for the potholders. Although they do have heat-resistant fabric inserted into the half-circle, acrylic yarn can melt so we recommend that you only use natural fibers such as cotton, wool or bamboo.

Some suggested yarns:


Refer to the Crochet Stitches Directory section for additional information on the chain / double crochet stitches used below

To start: Chain 3. Slip stitch back into the first chain to close the circle.

  • Round 1: Chain 3; Double crochet 11 stitches in the circle (a total of 12 including the chain 3)
  • Round 2: Chain 3; Double Crochet 2 stitches in each stitch around the circle. Slip stitch into top of chain three to close the round
  • Round 3: Chain 3; Double crochet into the next stitch; 2 Double crochets into next stitch, repeat around.
  • Round 4: Chain 3; 2 Double crochets in next stitch; 1 Double crochet in following stitch, repeat this around until you get to the chain 3 at the beginning and slip stitch.

Now, get creative, throughout crocheting this circle adjust your count. If your circle is laying-flat continue following the pattern, if the circle is curling up, Double crochet in two consecutive stitches to spread out the circle. The difference can be caused by tension, or the size of the hook for the yarn you are using, but remember, crocheting potholders and many other projects are for relaxation and fun.

  • Round 5: Chain 3; 2 Double crochets in next stitch, 1 Double crochet in following stitch, repeat around and remember to occasionally put down the circle and test for flatness (and take a bite of chocolate if you’d enjoy a break). Slip stitch into the top of the beginning chain 3.
  • Round 6: Chain 3, 1 Double crochet in each stitch around. End the first yarn color (in this case white)

Now, let’s add the peel to the fruit slice.

  • Round 7:   Attach Red yarn, chain 3. Then Double Crochet in each stitch around and slip stitch at the top of the beginning chain 3. You can also crochet a loop (a chain of 8 and a slip stitch to finish off, this creates a loop to hang your potholder).

Fold your circle in half; cut your heat protection insulation in the shape of your half circle or cut it into a full circle and fold in half for extra heat protection. Tuck the insulation fabric between your circle halves.

  • Using a slip stitch, stitch shut the circle to create a half circle shape sealing in the insulation fabric.Now let’s add seeds to your apple or embellishments to your circle. Using your large darning needle; Cut a length of seed color (24” should be enough for 3 seeds on each side of the apple slice) Use a Single Chain or Lazy Daisy embroidery stitch to complete your seeds. (So now you’re a beginner embroiderer as well as crochet crafter).Tuck in any yarn tails using your darning needle and your apple wedge potholder is complete.

Use your imagination and this crochet potholders pattern can be used to create just about any slice of fruit you can think of!

If you prefer not to fold your “slice” in half, you can do a matching circle and add a full circle of the heat-resistant fabric in the middle and stitch up all the way around.


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