The Foundation Single Crochet is a method of beginning a project working the foundation row using the single crochet stitch.
Foundation Single Crochet




Row Count
Pattern Repeat


  1. Make a slip knot, chain 2.
  2. Work hook into the V of the first stitch.
  3. Yarn over and pull through stitch.
  4. YO and pull through one loop.
  5. Yarn over and pull through next two loops.

Learn the Foundation Single Crochet… And Ditch the Chain! The Foundation Single Crochet is a method of beginning a project allows you to work your foundation row at the same time as your first row, using the single crochet stitch. It’s great for projects that may have a long foundation row. It creates a different, but attractive, style of edge than the traditional foundation chain.

Gone are the days of creating long chains and then going back and working into the chain before you start the first row. With FSC, you cut straight to the chase, working the chain and your first row of single crochets in one step. Amazing.

There are loads of reasons why you’d want to use FSC every chance you get:

  • No more missed stitches: Missing a stitch is next to impossible with foundation single crochet, but it can happen when you work in a long chain.
  • Easy-to-see stitches: It’s tough to see the stitches in a long base chain when you work in novelty yarns. Not so with foundation stitches.
  • Even tension: Starting chains sometimes have a different tension than the rest of the project. Not a prob with FSC.
  • Stretchy edge: Foundation stitches have a little bit of give to them, so they’re a great choice for clothes that need some stretch.

Pro Tip

You can use the FSC stitch in any pattern, even one that doesn’t call for it. Just do away with the chain and begin with the first row, creating the same number of foundation stitches as the row calls for. So, for instance, if the first row calls for 100 single crochet stitches, skip the chain and make 100 FSCs instead.

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